ACC to purchase ROV


News Staff Writer

ALPENA – The Alpena Community College Board of Trustees approved to spend $64,540 on new remotely operated vehicle equipment from Outland Technologies and to use grant funds to cover the purchase.

“This is a step-up ROV for our area, even from the sanctuary,” marine technology instructor David Cummins said. “It can go to a depth of 1,000 feet, allowing us to go almost anywhere in the Great Lakes with it.”

The Outland Technology ROV is the low-cost style ROV in the industry, and it fits the needs of the program better than the other higher-cost ROV models, Cummins said.

“This ROV has different capabilities,” Cummins said. “It has a camera and thrusters for movement. It also has a claw and sonar equipment so if we can’t see, we can still know what’s there.”

This is an observation-class ROV that will provide the students the opportunity to operate a professional-grade unit commonly used by research institutions to do underwater exploration and documentation.

The general fund comparison through April is tracking as expected, with net income showing a gain of $978,990, mostly due to one less payroll processed, increased tuition and other fees. Year to date revenue ending April 30 totaled $12,303,284, up from 2012 by $167,358, with expenses totaling $11,324,314, down from 2012 by $342,354 with 83 percent of the year complete.

Seven faculty were moved to non-probationary status with Julie Miller, Diane O’Connor, and Anthony Pratt to nursing faculty, Cathy Kappius to English faculty (HUSH), Greg Augustyn to auto body faculty, Matt Gallarno to network administration faculty, and Kim Salziger to business and medical information systems/director of medical assistant faculty.

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