No way to take previous letter seriously

On Bob Greene’s May 8 opinion, “same sex marriage is pointless”

What double talking malarkey and linguistic nonsense. Why would any thinking person take his gibberish seriously? Our nation’s moral fiber is disintegrating and babbling lightweight self-appointed expert liberals flame the fires by twisting the truth with their bizarre drivel. Liberals have already brought America abortion on demand with the cold-blooded murder of over 55 million unborn. They are now ushering in the era of same-sex-marriage. School restrooms and locker rooms in Massachusetts are now accessible to transgenders no matter how loudly parents have protested.

The Bible is the “only” inspired and infallible word of God and the “only” way to determine what the correct stand is on issues.

Today, special interest groups bash and twist God’s Word because it will not support their lifestyle, religion or beliefs. They prefer America to become a hedonistic complacent place where ridiculed conservative Christians are rendered voiceless as they hide in their churches. This is already happening, as some church leaders remain mutely lukewarm on the “politically correct” issues that have been ripping our culture apart. By doing this they censor the Bible. By “not” taking a position they “are” taking a position.

Greene’s remarks are wrong that conservative Christians become “unhinged” by those who practice homosexuality.

The Bible states homosexuality as one of many sins. Christians should be discerning, but it isn’t up to man to judge. You don’t gay bash, you invite them into your church to hear the word of God. While God loves sinners, he will never approve of any sin including the sin of homosexuality. Jesus is the key to the forgiveness for all sins.

“In the eyes of God” two members of the same sex will “never” be considered married.

Mike Westfall

Presque Isle