Committee OKs new transfer station

ALPENA – The Alpena County Finance Committee passed a resolution of support of concurrence with the Northeast Michigan Council of Governments determination that the operation of a new recycling transfer station in Alpena is legal according to the county’s solid waste plan. The new facility, Greenway Waste Management, is owned by Bob Sprague and was formerly L&N Disposal.

During the meeting NEMCOG Executive Director Diane Rekowski said the facility is a type-B transfer site and is limited to 200 cubic yards of waste per day. Because of its relatively small size and its compliance with the solid waste plan it also will be able to operate without a permit from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Rekowski said NEMCOG made its determination the Greenway transfer station falls under the rules of the plan after an on-site visit and a thorough review of the plan. The transfer station will sort through the refuse and separate recyclable materials and the remainder of the trash will be hauled to the landfill in Atlanta, as the flow control order dictates. Commissioner Lyle VanWormer, who sits on the landfill board, said the landfill will see limited impact by the new facility, but admits the local recycling program operated by the township, the city and the county could suffer from the new recycling business.

“The facility is up and running right now, but the amount that they will be dealing with is really minute when compared to what a landfill takes in,” VanWormer said. “At this point they are taking the recycling products out and the rest of the trash goes to the landfill, but it is possible this could affect the recycling program in Alpena County though. That is a fact. I’m not sure to what extent though. The DEQ will have to keep track of them and what they are doing like they do everyone else. If they were to exceed the limits, then I’m not sure what the effect on the landfill or the recycling program will be.”

The resolution will go to the full board of commissioners for final approval.

In other business:

Undersheriff Terry King was granted permission, pending full board approval, to dispose of two county vehicles and a pair of patrol cars. A minimum bid will be established and the sale will be posted.

King was granted permission to enter into a lease agreement with the Ford Motor Company for three new squad cars, as well as a new in-car video camera.

the committee will recommend to the full board that Sheriff Steve Kieliszewski be allowed to purchase crash reconstruction equipment for the department. The current equipment is 14 years old and the new hardware and software purchase will be a sizable upgrade. Kieliszewski said the cost of the equipment is $6,495 and became available because the Michigan State Police Alpena Post was getting an upgrade and offered to sell its older set to the county.

the commission approved spending $1,774 with Standard Electric for a new enclosed, networking cabinet for the Alpena County Regional Airport. The cabinet will protect the new fiber optic equipment that is currently being installed at the airport and keep it dust free.

Treasurer Kim Ludlow provided a budget update and said the budget was 33.3 percent of the way complete at the end of April. The revenue thus far is at 20.18 percent, or $1,700,865, while the expenses are at 33.3 percent at $2,750,791. The county will make up ground on the revenue side of the ledger as the summer taxes are paid. Ludlow said the county also has $2,386,108 cash on hand.

The Alpena County Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled for May 28 at 1 p.m. in the Howard Male Conference Room in the county’s annex building.

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