Some ideas so we don’t punish good guys

After reading Craig Zelazy’s article in Friday, May 3, paper, I’m still wondering why people believe we should license the “good guys” and force or use the “good guy” money to pay for enforcement? In every case when it comes to gun control, its about making new laws that well meaning people “think” will solve gun violence, when current laws are not enforced. Good Guys are not the ones creating the violence, therefore why should they have to fund enforcement for those who actually create the violence? Some backwards thinking going on.

Why shouldn’t we change things around just a little, possibly with a suggestion I’ve seen made in some reading?

What if it was mandatory that everyone who is not allowed to buy, own, or possess a firearm, be required to have a P.O.F.P. (Possession Of Firearms Prohibited) on their driver’s license or State ID and let them pay for it? This in itself would dramatically reduce those who should not own or possess firearms, from buying them in private sales or gun shows. Providing that the “good guy” required ID prior to the sale (another attachment to the law). Under current law, doctors who recognize that a person shouldn’t be driving an automobile, are required to report it to the State and the State pulls their drivers license. This could also work with firearms, where doctors who confirm a diagnosis of a mental impairment, be required to report it to the State, then the State could place the P.O.F.P. on that person’s drivers license or State ID. Those who are convicted felons would automatically have a P.O.F.P. added to their drivers license or State ID. Let those who are not allowed to own, possess, or purchase a firearm pay for the enforcement. Why constantly try to punish the “good guy”?

George Perry

Hubbard Lake