News condemning gays by running letters

The Alpena News has chosen to condemn homosexuals based on the editor’s perspective of Christianity twice within the last 30 days. I refer to letters written by Bob Greene and Mike Westpal. Nowhere in the publication do you, or will you see the opposing view. Perhaps this is because love is central to the teachings of Jesus. That God created people in his own image… of all races, abilities, genders, personalities… and commanded that we love one another as ourselves, negates the argument that homosexuals are somehow less worthy of God’s grace. The view that homosexuality is a “choice” or a “lifestyle” and thus subject to the vagaries of free will is as ludicrous as ascribing race or gender to a decision a baby makes in the womb. In his discussions about the emancipation of slaves, President Lincoln was wise to acknowledge that each opposing party made references to the Bible to support their claims. Likewise went the issue with women suffragettes. We as a nation are now poised to right the wrings of the past, and to end yet another arbitrary, baseless form of fear and hatred.

Sharon Stewart