Hospital, doctors provided wonderful care

There have been many letters to the editor complaining about our hospital and calling it a band-aid station, but I would like to share the wonderful experience I had at our hospital.

Dr. Bullen had sent me to the ER and when I got there they were already expecting me and had me through the ER and up to the third floor within 15 minutes. I spent two weeks on the third floor and had nothing but the best care. I was taken care of by Dr. Bullen, Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Mantz and Dr. Salacata. They all worked together to take care of me and get me better. I had the best nurses on the third floor along with the respiratory therapists. The kindness I was shown by everyone I came in contact with was much appreciated including the housekeeping staff, the kitchen staff, just everyone involved in my care.

Patrick and Patricia Glomski