APS?students’ artwork on display around the community

ALPENA – The third annual “Art Around Town” student art show started yesterday, with its opening at the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s Heritage Center. This event features art created by K-12 students from all of Alpena Public Schools’ schools.

“The is art from throughout the whole year,” high school art teacher Sarah Altman said. “The teachers get subs and spend the entire day setting up the art.”

The art display at the sanctuary features a mixture of art from decorated masks to bugs and music-related drawings from elementary and high school students.

“There are 52 businesses displaying art this year,” Kathleen Hubbard, show organizer and art teacher at Thunder Bay Junior High, said. “They go out of their way to support Alpena Public Schools and our kids … there are over 2,000 pieces of art in the show.”

Many volunteers within the businesses and the teachers’ families help set up the displays of artwork and the numerous extra walls and tables needed for the show, Hubbard said.

Students who have their art showcased receive a letter telling them where it is located, an invitation to the opening gala, and a certificate stating their work has been selected for the show.

Student Makayla Armstead said having her flower art displayed for the public makes her feel happy. She and her family were enjoying the opening gala and browsing through the artwork at the sanctuary.

Displays can be viewed at business around Alpena County and exhibits will remain open for public viewing through May 19.

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