Let reps know: No amnesty for illegal aliens

The Associated Press decided recently to water down the impact of the term “Illegal Aliens.” Now the politically correct liberal description is “Undocumented Aliens.” Next bank robbery will be “Unauthorized Withdrawals.” Car theft is already “Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.” Burglary is “Unauthorized Entry.” Why are criminal violations white washed?

The senate once again is supposed to tackle the fate of illegal aliens this month and decide once in for all the fate of these sneak ins. Many are saying that the immigration system is broken. It’s not broken, all that is needed is to enforce the laws already on the books. I checked with the U.S. Justice Department and they said “anyone that crosses our borders without authorization is a felon, and they should be subject to arrest and deportation.” However Democrats see votes and power.

These people that have snuck in have not one ounce of respect for our laws, so why reward them? To do so will encourage millions more to enter illegally. It will also discriminate and insult the ones that went through intensive scrutiny and worked very hard to get here legally.

According to many sources, the illegal aliens are costing taxpayers billions each year with all the liberal handouts. Where in the U.S. Constitution mandates this? It specifically points out that only Federal Government decides their fate. However it doesn’t say that they have a right to impose the cost on the states. “Give me your tired and your poor etc.” on the base of the Statue of Liberty is only a slogan and not a law. You wonder why we are broke.

We can no longer take in the whole worked with our current unemployment and homeless situation. Call your Reps and have them vote no on Amnesty.

Robert J. Colarusso