Law enforcement is using a form of torture

Torture by proxy. This is the practice of getting someone else to do the torture on another. Withholding medical care is considered torture. That is what is happening right now in Alpena and elsewhere across the country. Law enforcement has been unable to stem the tide of illegal drugs so has turned their attention to legal drugs. Law enforcement has intimidated doctors to the point they are afraid to prescribe medication for fear of being harassed, so law abiding citizens are being denied medical treatment. When someone has been injured and is in great pain, and pain relief is denied, this is Torture by Proxy. Law enforcement has no business practicing medicine without a license. This is illegal and when it interferes with legal and proper medical care and prevents someone from receiving treatment law enforcement has gone way over the line. I hope that the next time someone from law enforcement is injured and in pain that they will be told the same thing as the rest of us “sorry no pain killers, you are just drug seeking so shut up, take some ibuprofen and get out of my office.”

Thomas VanDuinen