Editorial: Good luck to new NLA managers

We wish the new managers of Northern Lights Arena much success in their efforts.

This week Alpena County commissioners entered into a contract with the Northern Lights Arena-Community to oversee arena operations. The group, made up of familiar faces associated with the arena, or past groups involved at the arena, should understand the complexities they will face.

We want to see the group succeed, for if they succeed, the community benefits. Certainly that fact was seen clearly by the community concern voiced in past weeks over picking an arena manager.

Hopefully the managers will be able to make the arena economically stable. Whether that involves using the second rink for ice, or instead, using it for other purposes such as indoor soccer or golfing, has yet to be announced.

It is important the arena makes money. Commissioners have demonstrated clearly their interest in keeping the facility open as evidence by this hiring. However, they also have made it clear they are not afraid to make tough choices involving the arena should economic conditions not improve.

Northern Lights Arena is a tremendous asset to our community. We need this new management group to be successful.