Closing gun loopholes is all that’s needed

Universal background checks, not the watered down bill that was voted down recently, would close the loop holes that have let the “bad guys” skirt the law for years.

There has been a lot of discussion about how “bad guys” do not go through background checks, which I agree. They skirt the system in multiple ways to not only buy weapons, but to buy ammo also.

The bill that was sent down to defeat had many loop holes. One was that a gun owner could sell his weapon to his friend without a background check. Now I assume that there is a lot of “bad guys” that have at least some friends, or so called friends that could sell them weapons.

So maybe we should license “good guys” with weapons. This would allow them to buy additional weapons and ammo easily. A license fee would help pay for all of the enforcement issues that have been unfunded over the years.

The argument that this will put undue burden on the “good guys” does not equate to the point that we should be doing all we can to put a burden on the “bad guys” in their need for weapons and ammo.

Our everyday life is full of checks and licensing- be it to board a plane, drive a car, own a car, build a house, etc.

I do realize that this will not solve gun violence and that this should be just a start. I say just a start because with 30,000+ gun deaths each year, it should be our society’s duty to reduce gun violence.

And this fits perfectly with the Second Amendment by just doing some minor regulations that is addressed by the amendment itself.

Craig T. Zelazny