Pitts continues to wrongly attack the right

One wonders why we must be periodically subjected to the vitriol of Leonard Pitts. Pitts places conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Malkin and others in the same category as the nut job who wrote him saying we need a civil war, etc. He accuses them of “trolling the sewers of American disunion.” He writes: “so swamped are we by the rage red holds for blue.” Does he ever read his own columns? Just because “red” is upset by the lies of so many of the “blue;” by the constant rape by many of the blue, especially those in positions of power, of the Constitution and the rule of law; by the President of the U.S. bad mouthing those who disagree with him; by the persecution of the private sector by the powers that be; by the legal theft by taxation of those powers one could go on. Pitts offers no examples of “trolling the sewers of American disunion” by those he accuses. But here are a couple of examples of what upsets the “reds:” Item: We were informed that a judge, unannounced, called off the interrogation of the Boston bomber by advising him of his Miranda rights just as the FBI was getting important information from him affecting national security. The FBI was flabbergasted at this move by the democrat justice department interrupting their acquisition of important information. The Bureau stated that this was placing our country in peril from Islamist terrorists. Item: The justice department informed its people that it would not be prosecuting black on white crime, especially in connection with its refusal to prosecute black panthers threatening people at the polls. And Pitts wonders why “reds” are upset.

Earl W. Elowsky