Masquers Club doing ‘new 1920s musical

In an age where technology reigns supreme in society, people sometimes forget about a time when life was simpler and music and dance brought more elegance to the world. Bringing back a blast from the past, Alpena High School’s Masquers Club presents “No, No, Nanette,” billed as “the new 1920s musical.”

The show revolves around the young and somewhat naive Nanette (played by Molly Stricker), who wants to gain her independence by going to Atlantic City before she marries her fiance, Tom (Gavin Aikens). Nanette lives with her uncle, Jimmy Smith (Landen Revilla), who works publishing Bibles, and her Aunt Sue (Courtney Marshall), who doesn’t like to spend her husband’s money.

Although Sue does not give her consent, Nanette leaves for Atlantic City with household maid Pauline (Dana Glomski) as her chaperone. Meanwhile, Jimmy is trying to cover up having given money to three women named Flora (Monica Smith), Betty (Riley McGuire) and Winnie (Liz Meier).

Although his relationship is purely platonic, Jimmy calls up his best friend and lawyer Billy (Colin Marshall) to attempt to cover his footsteps. Several hilarious misunderstandings and mishaps cause a rift between Billy and his wife, Lucille (Ashley Timmreck), who is best friends with Sue.

Joining in the fun are Nanette’s “friends,” which include Megan Burke, Ben Goodburne, Allison Kania, Dylan Konarzewski, Alex Langerfeld, Casey Larkin, Megan MacGregor, Jessica McEachern, Maya Miller and Chris Villarreal.

Playing for the show are Music Director Jean Martin-Brown and auxiliary accompanist Jeffry Kuznicki.

“This is an incredibly fun and high energy show that comes at a time when we could all use a little break from the sensational headlines of today,” said Director and Set Designer Heather Nordenbrock. “It’s a light-hearted trip back in time that reminds us that sometimes we just need to sit back and laugh.”

Under the guidance of Nordenbrock are student directors Matt Belanger and Macie Weiland. Their determination to keep the show time period appropriate is shown through the costumes done by Caitlin Borke, with assistance from Monica Smith, props by Dana Glomski and choreography by Courtney Marshall.

To enhance the show’s sound and light are the technicians: Taylor Plante, Drew Rutherford, Tyler Plante, Aaron McSwain and Heather Allen, supervised by Technical Director Colin Marshall.

“No No Nanette” deals with the stages of relationships, living life for the well-being of others and, of course, the 1920s. With songs like “Tea For Two” and “I Want To Be Happy,” the score is both memorable and toe-tapping.

The Masquers Club hopes everyone comes out in support of local youth talent by seeing this newest production. Run dates are this Thursday and Friday at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday 2 and 7:30 p.m. in the Stanley C. Beck Auditorium. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for seniors/staff/students and $3 for ITS members.