Those who support gay marriage have agenda

To suggest that not allowing two people of the same gender to marry makes them second-class citizens is bogus. Those who choose to practice homosexuality cover their political agenda with the false banner of human rights, but they have the same rights as everyone else. Any thinking person who genuinely reflects on homosexuality quickly understands just how revolting it really is. That is why voters in California and Michigan dramatically avowed their opposition to same sex marriage. Since time began, traditional marriage has been between a man and a woman. The homosexual agenda is demanding that all things that have been deemed right are now wrong and all things that were deemed wrong are now right. These people are on the wrong side of the Bible and want to legitimize a lifestyle that God’s word unmistakably proclaims as perverted and detestable. Do we want an abnormal society where effeminate men marry and are allowed to legally share the public female restrooms with our daughters? What’s next, polygamy? Will judges force our educators to teach our children that this perversion is normal and comparable to traditional marriage? The homosexual agenda has enlisted the same liberal political machine which successfully brought America abortion, pornography, gambling, legalized drugs and the other damaging societal elements. The morally abhorrent lifestyle of their agenda is a direct attack on the beliefs of conservative churches, and they don’t care what you believe as long as you keep it silently hidden behind church doors until they have radically changed our laws. God designed marriage. How will this affect the conservative churches that teach the Bible? Will they be forced to censor the Bible and hire only those people who are politically correct? The success of this issue exemplifies just how far we have morally slipped as a nation.

Mike Westfall

Presque Isle