Library conducting usage survey

Alpena County Library currently is conducting a usage survey aimed at finding out what people like and know about the library and what new services they would be interested in seeing added.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve done a survey on a community basis to see what the attitudes and impressions of the community are toward the library,” said Director Eric Magness-Eubank. “We have a lot of internal measurements, but not a lot of external ones.”

The survey, sponsored by the Friends of the Library, is available at the library and online at Surveys also are being distributed to various organizations and businesses within the county in hopes of getting a good cross-section of responses.

“We want to get a broad range of people,” said retired Director Judi Stillion, who is helping to distribute the surveys. “We would just get library users if we just left the surveys at the library. We also want to know what the rest of the community thinks.”

The 16 questions deal with how often survey participants use the various library services, including online services such as ebooks, digital magazines, reserving and renewing materials online and keeping up to date on library activities. It also asks about potential new services like self-service checkout, interactive author visits online, downloadable or streaming movies and a self-service coffee bar.

Space is provided as well for suggestions for improvement.

“We hope as many people take the survey as possible, and there are plenty of places for people to make comments,” said Magness-Eubank.

The final two questions on the survey deal with the support of a millage renewal. The library currently operates under a .75 voter-approved, 10-year millage set to expire at the end of 2014. Library officials are assessing what steps to take in replacing that millage.

Completed surveys must be turned in to the library or Stillion by April 30.