Likes writing about himself, and likes himself

I’m formerly from Rogers City, born and raised until I was 18 when I enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Jan. 10, 1941, discharged Oct. 26, 1946 – a year before the war and a year after, I did my time and proud of it. I’m a life member of our local V.F.W. post for 39 years and counting.

I worked for Abitibi Price Corp. for 27 years, first employee hired in 1958. I’ve been retired for 28 years – I’m also too old, or older than I want to be. Smoke this in your peace pipe, I still love life. Four kids, elders now. I just have seven grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and counting.

I don’t know why I write about myself, I guess I like myself. You have to consider yourself no one, if you’ve had a good life so you feel good about yourself. All the friends I had at the Abitibi Corp. have been retired for years and have enjoyed it. I actually wish I was still working. 28 years retired may be too long? But we can’t stop time.

I guess I could go on with this, but I won’t.

So I’ll say goodbye Mrs. Calabaski wherever you are. Can you identify this name, where it originated from? Call me.

Ted King