Keep our children active, healthy and cared for

Since 1985, Michigan has expanded the national celebration of the Month of the Young Child to include the entire month of April with each week having a specific focus. During the first week of April, we reflect on a young child’s physical development – the need for daily exercise, proper nutrition and available health care. Children need proper nutrition and movement to develop healthy brains and bodies. Activity helps:

* Children maintain a healthy weight.

* Reduces risks of stress, depression and developing obesity-related.

* Builds strength, flexibility, and endurance.

* Enhances motor skills, social skills, and brain development.

* Develops and maintains strong bones

* Children sleep better

* Builds self-confidence as bodies grow.

Parents, caregivers, communities and policy makers should pledge this month to ensure all our children have a great start in life. Let’s start now.

Michigan’s Great Start Initiative has a Great Start Collaborative in every county working toward ensuring that our children are healthy. For more information or to get involved contact:

Stacy Levitt-Ruby


Alpena Montmorency Alcona Great Start Collaborative

Child and Family Services