Editorial: Child abuse a horror no one should have to face

We’re reminded that with April being National Child Abuse Prevention Month that it is up to all of us to pay attention to our surroundings and if we suspect abuse might be taking place, report it to authorities.

In the three county area of Alpena, Alcona and Montmorency counties last year, there were 746 reports of child abuse or neglect. As far as we are concerned, that is 746 cases too many.

Child abuse knows no boundaries, no economic class division or size of community where it might occur. It can happen to children in communities large and small, to children from well-to-do economic backgrounds to children whose family live off government subsidies.

Education is one way to decrease the chances for abuse. Often times abuse stems from parents not understanding what their roles should be in the family, and what their responsibilities entail for their children.

Children shouldn’t have to worry about life’s pressures or problems. They should be allowed to grow up in an environment that nurtures them, encourages them and sparks their creativity.

Abuse is a cruel fate that robs children of their innocence and darkens the world around them. It is a hole from which many can never crawl out from.

No one deserves such a fate, especially a child.