What is Alpena’s greatest asset?

This weekend Alpena Municipal Council will be interviewing candidates for the city manager’s position. The position – which has been filled by Greg Sundin on an interim basis – is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the city, and as such carries a great responsibility.

While those involved understand the job is to make the city the best it can be for its residents, it’s unavoidable that everyone prioritizes things based on personal experiences. As such, each person will hold certain things more important than others. It is human nature.

We believe one thing that needs to be discovered about the candidates is what they find important in a community.

So we offer this question to get to the heart of the matter: Aside from personnel, which also removes public safety from the equation, what is the single most important asset a city has?

The answer should tell us what they believe should be spared the most when setting budgets and priorities. Hopefully it is one that gets asked by council, and one that tells us about what the candidates believe makes a city a community where people want to live.