ACC Board adopts new Values, Vision statements

ALPENA – Alpena Community College Board of Trustees adopted a Statement of Vision and Values for the college which was discussed in a previous retreat session and has been revised since the last board meeting. The new statements are as follows:

Vision: To be recognized in our local and global communities as the premier resource and first choice for exceptional, affordable, and innovative education.


> We demonstrate accountability to all our stakeholders, students, staff, business partners, industry alliances, and taxpayers.

> We act with integrity, placing fairness and honesty at the center of all our actions.

> We aspire to excellence in all our endeavors.

> We show respect for diversity, individual contributions, and educational partnerships.

These new statements will be published by personnel and are also used in the accreditation process as a way of proving the audited institution meets the criteria.

“It’s nice to see the trustees’ work come to fruition,” President Olin Joynton said.

Timing for releasing the new Vision and Values statements appropriately came in April, which is recognized nationally as “Community College Month.” The ACC board decided to follow the national community college movement, which celebrates its 112th birthday this year, by designating April at ACC as “Community College Month” and will be promoting the unique contributions of the college to the public.

Further action items included concern on the state of a water damage/leakage issue at one of the campus buildings. After numerous leaks and years of repairs to the Huron Shores Campus Building’s over 20 year-old roof, the board has determined that the entire roof needs replacing.

“There is water in the ceiling tiles on the newly renovated third floor,” Joynton said. “Without any further delay, we’re bringing this for action as soon as possible.”

The college will contract for an independent evaluation of the water damage to the insulation on the roof, in which no more than 25 percent of the insulation is expected to be replaced for less than $3,000.

About 10,228 square feet of roof needs to be replaced and covered in a rubberized material with at least a 10-year warranty.

A preliminary quote set the project at a cost of just under $39,000, and the requests for proposals are being evaluated by vendors. The board expects bids to be in before the end of April and hopes to evaluate and accept a bid, as long as it is below the projected cost. To prevent further damage to the roof and building, work will begin as soon as possible after a bid has been accepted. Funding for the project will come from the Maintenance and Replacement Fund.

In other business:

> Lisa Brege was hired in March as an ESP1 Secretary for Student Support Services, The Learning Center, Nursing, Med Asst. programs

> Computer Aided Design Student Tyler Smith worked with Instructor David Cummins and ESI Director Brian Van Wormer to secure a job at Omni Metalcraft while finishing his degree through the college

> a group of 10 young women attended a Young Women, Strong Leaders Conference last Friday at Lake Superior State University

> Student Leadership is holding a Talent Show on April 24, at 7 p.m. at Granum Theater to raise money for Relay for Life

> Board Chairman John Briggs commended the donors and recipients who attended the scholarship reception and luncheon as being part of a “first class act,” and praised the growing number of people in attendance for the reception

> general fund expenses are down from last year in March by $287,145, and month to month comparisons are tracking as expected

> gifts and pledges from 52 donors between March 13, and April 11, totaled $45,509.73

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