Editorial: City manager saga finally coming to end

Tuesday will mark the one year anniversary of the shot heard around Alpena, otherwise remembered as the evening former City Manager Thad Taylor was dismissed of his duties.

Newton taught us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and that would prove true in this instance. Before the year ended two councilmen connected with the dismissal would be recalled. The faces of the city administration changed constantly in the year’s time.

At Thunder Bay Theatre tonight the actors in Jesus Christ Superstar will sing what’s on city residents’ minds these days with “what’s the buzz, tell us what’s a happening.” Even Mother Nature got involved in city business when her winter storm Thursday night canceled council’s interview process for a new city manager this weekend.

Twelve months have passed since Taylor was dismissed. Two capable replacements served as interim city manager in that time. Eight different faces served on council during that period.

In some ways it seems like forever. In other ways, it seems like yesterday.

Hopefully, before long, the final chapter to the Taylor saga can be written, the book put up on the shelf to grow dust and a new journal can be started.

City residents have done well through the process but we believe they’re looking forward to a conclusion. Maybe by month’s end all of us will have the answer of the city’s new, full-time city manager.