Right the wrongs perpetrated on veterans

To serve all service personnel, man and woman will be represented by legal counsel from any medical or physical changes to standards that the branches of service may create to discharge personnel from the service to prevent service personnel from getting medical help or receive a pension.

To be able to confront any personnel that have promoted any method of discharging military strictly for the purposes of denying anyone from receiving their pension.

To be able to get a full explanation from any agency in a timely fashion on why any personnel discharge was done and why illegal discharge of personnel does not receive one.

To assign a committee of attorneys and doctors to a board to follow up on any and all veterans that have been denied medical help or delayed treatment that has resulted in a veteran’s death or permanent disability and the crimes of these people that work for the different branches be brought to justice.

The veterans that have earned medals, awards or promotions be given in a timely manner, not 40 plus years from the time of the event. These veterans are dying off and being pushed aside until they lose interest and the more that die off the less veterans there are to fight for their rights. These people that are delaying these events should be brought to answer for what they are doing.

Your veterans were dishonored by personnel that work for the government, these people should be found and made to face their victims and answer for the veterans they have killed or cast aside.

Neil Repke