Editorial: A great organization gets a needed new home

For 17 years Friends Together has been providing an important service to the community, and this week that community celebrated with them at their new office space at 105 Prentiss.

For individuals facing cancer treatments, or cancer survivors, Friends Together provides a vital network of support, education and fellowship. Not only is Friends Together there for those folks, it also provides a critical link for their families and friends.

Cancer is a cruel disease that can attack the body mercilessly, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fight back as well. The beauty of an organization like Friends Together is that it has the knowledge, resources and experience to assist families in preparing for cancer treatments, knowledge of what to expect while that treatment is going on, and peer support for the individual in the post-treatment healing process.

The group’s new location will allow it more conference room space for groups to meet confidentially, without interrupting other office functions.

We are fortunate to have Friends Together serving our community. Most every family has had someone who has been assaulted by cancer in the past. Thanks to Friends Together, they don’t have to face the disease alone.