Glad to see Pettalia being proactive on roads

I am glad that Rep. Pettalia held a town hall on the importance of investing in Michigan’s infrastructure. For too long, lawmakers have been focused on playing politics at our expense rather than coming together and getting work done for Michigan’s hard-working taxpayers.

The time has come to invest in Michigan’s roads and bridges. Every day Michigan loses millions as our bad roads get worse, adding up to $1 billion every year. It doesn’t take an academic study to see that. Many of us encounter car accidents daily, one-third of which could be avoided if we only fixed the roads. Yet many lawmakers are still making excuses or looking for an easy way out.

One thing that some Lansing politicians are looking at is working with the shady contractors who have been trying to repeal Michigan’s prevailing wage law for years. This would amount to nothing more than another attack on Michigan workers, and would do nothing to help fix our roads.

Lawmakers like Rep. Pettalia understand that prevailing wage laws ensure that workers have a safe environment in which they can do their jobs. Blocking Michigan’s prevailing wage law will destroy jobs and cost taxpayers millions of dollars. In other states when prevailing wage laws were repealed, corporations did not pass the savings from worker pay cuts on to taxpayers. To make matters worse, injury rates dramatically increased after worker safety training programs disappeared in states that blocked prevailing wage laws.

With our economy still sputtering, the last thing middle-class families need is a pay cut for working people. Lansing politicians should say enough is enough, and promise they’ll stand with Rep. Pettalia and put Michigan families and workers first.

Brent Pilarski

Bay City