Greed ruined our health care and country

Hospital offer to the nurses all about greed… Comment:

Response; Life, There was a time when health came before money. I’m a veteran and I know many veterans that would agree that nurse care is below what used to be considered good. Example: I had a abscise cyst, and was left that way by nurse care, till, I told them I wanted it removed, the pain was getting to much to handle. So, they set me up with a surgery appointment for a month away making remarks that I’m over reacting. I went home and after a few days the pain was unbearable so I call Saginaw surgery dept. and were able to get in two weeks earlier. Make a long story short they cut out enough dead matter off that afterwards left a hole in my back the size of a chestnut. Might add, never once did they want to see how I was doing. Money, what a joke. You can thank our ripoff leaders for making life all about money and don’t think they’re not greedy, one only has to look at the nations debt and the bank shysters.

One who served. Vietnam-era. 2nd of the 52nd A.D.A.

David B. Loomis