Recovering from physical, emotional trauma

On March 7, 2011, I ended up in the emergency room after suffering a concussion. I got hit on the top of my head with an icicle. The only reason about the taxes happened was because I had some memory lost. Then on March 15, 2011, I went to City Hall and got my taxes exempt and paid for that year. In the mean time I still owed back taxes from two years 2009-2010. This happened on March 20, 2011. My house was no longer mine. When I approached the three ladies that worked there at the tax place I got yelled at. They told me my house was no longer mine. I was shocked and almost passed out. My house of 10 years was paid for. I wrote a letter to the Judge and pleaded with him and told him I got concussion on my head. Well that didn’t help. That time of my life was very devastating. When a person gets cornered and no place to turn it sounds like suicide. My dictionary reads cornered is “forced to walk into an awkward, embarrassing or inescapable position,” the people without the Lord won’t make it in these times. I truly believe my Faith in God and Under His Wings Fellowship pulled me through the moving.

Plenty of storage for one year and a lot of stuff got sold and plenty got rained on. I can’t put it into words about the storm I went through. I didn’t have to go far, it was right here in the friendly port of Alpena, Mich. Then I found out storms don’t last, you go one without the home. I survived the last two years with a lot of prayers.

I am still looking for a two bedroom trailer. (Possibly giveaway).

Pauline Fialkowski(Red)