Stand up for the education system we need

What is Common Core?

Common Core is a federal attempt to take decision-making abilities from state and local school officials.

If we want our students to be common then we should support the common core education system being put forward by Washington: but no one is looking for a common education. We want our students to excel. The idea of common core curriculum is an obvious overreach by the federal government. This time progressive politicians want to go directly into our classrooms and begin shaping students minds at an early age.

If the state adopts common core it would mean that schools that are already out of money would need to go back to over-burdened taxpayers for increased revenue to buy new books, train teachers, restructure computer systems and hire staff to administer new programs.

Common core is gaining credibility with some of our states school administrators who do not understand there is a limit to what we are willing to give away to the federal government. The only thing that can stop this from happening is for we the people to dig in our heels. Many other states have already made the decision to reject Washington’s proposal to control our classrooms.

Proponents for the Common Core have said the standards are needed to make goals consistent across the board and to eliminate inconsistencies from state to state, which could hinder students when they get to college.

Make your feelings known on this matter. Talk to your friends, neighbors and most of all to your representatives in Lansing. Let them know you support House Bill 4276, Let them know soon because a vote could happen at anytime.

Bob Lamb