Sheriff’s office arrests man on five counts

An Alpena man was arrested Thursday on five counts in connection with his communications with a teen girl.

At approximately 3:10 p.m. deputies from the Alpena County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 52-year-old man on multiple felony charges. The five count felony charges stems from his activity with his cell phone, computer, and communications with a 14-year-old girl.

The charges:

Count 1: Child sexually abusive activity 20 years.

Count 2: Computers-internet communicating with another to commit crime 15 years.

Count 3: Child sexually abusive activity-disturbing or promoting seven years.

Count 4: Children-accosting for immoral purposes.

Count 5: Computers-internet communicating with another to commit crime imprisonment 4 years or more, but less than 10 years.

The Alpena County Sheriff’s Office investigated the criminal complaint and the warrants were issued by Alpena County Prosecutor Ed Black.

The suspect was arrested without incident and remains lodged on a bond of $150,000 cash/or surety.