The nurses deserve fair wages and benefits

A recent item in The Alpena News, has given me cause for concern. It reported a demonstration in Alpena by the Visiting Nurses that was an appeal for fairer wages and benefits. Ironically, a Nurse among the demonstrators questioned by the reporter was Bridget, who recently started caring for my step-son, here in Oscoda during his recovery from surgery. This dedicated woman is the embodiment of the nursing ideal, her knowledge, compassion, patience, graciousness and understanding, was evident the moment she entered our home. To think that our communities could lose this high quality home care because accountants are more willing to spend profits on shiny, new high tech machines (recently reported in this newspaper) than flesh and blood healers, visiting ailing people in the comfort of their homes is shortsighted, at the very least. These dedicated Nurses travel many miles, often in in foul weather and poor road conditions to bring comfort and support to their patients. Bridget isn’t the only Nurse with her superb qualities, her sub for a visit, Brandy, was equally professional, as I’m sure their associates are. If you doubt the urgency of their plight, think about this: they left the the warmth and comfort of their homes and the loving companionship of their families, after a rigorous day of work, gathered together, on a rainy, cold, dark night, to offer the public details of their sad situation. It would be a grave injustice for ARMC not to compensate them fairly. The good works they perform in the communities where they toil and serve, is better “public relations” than any advertising media ARMC may choose to promote itself. Doing right by them would indicate to me and our communities that ARMC “truly” cares about serving the medical needs of everyone in NE Michigan.

Clayton T. Jolley