Fair board excited for HOG rally; concert set

Good gossip is often non-existent and always slow to be spread around, however bad gossip is rampant and spreads like a wild fire. It is often unfortunate when we find ourselves on the tail end of the bad gossip, such is the case for the Alpena County Fairboard. From what we hear is that the Alpena County Fairboard, and the Alpena Chamber of Commerce are responsible for the H.O.G. Rally not hosting their events at the Fairgrounds. We can say with the utmost passion that the rumor is not true. From the start when we first heard that the Rally was coming to town the Fairboard was excited that they were going to use the grounds. Two months ago we found out that they are only using the grounds for those members that want to camp. According to their schedule posted on www.mistatehogrally.com they will only be at the Fairgrounds as a group on Saturday from 3:30-4 p.m. for the Parade of Harleys.

The Alpena County Fairboard has often been told through the years that we need to bring a Rock Band to the Fairgrounds. While considering the dynamic of the people that will be in and around our community that week, we decided to do just that. The Alpena County Fairboard is bringing Georgia Satellites to town for a Rock Concert on Thursday, July 25, 2013, furthermore 10 percent of all ticket sales will be split between two organizations that impact many families each year, Relay for Life and Friends Together. This concert is a great opportunity to showcase what our Fairgrounds has to offer, so that maybe in the future other Rallies or Festivities can see the benefit to a piece of property that isn’t used near enough.

Alpena County Fair Board