Cutting air traffic control towers is wrong

A friend of mine 30 years ago said “that anytime the Congress makes cuts they are the only what the people can feel and see.” The most recent cuts seriously affecting the aviation industry are the closing of several Air Traffic Control Towers, and people that supervise and correct automatic aviation weather data. One supervisor correcting data was terminated at Phelps Collins Airport.

I have 27 years of experience in reporting aviation weather data and will attest that there is nothing better than a man viewing the entire 360 degrees if sky. I have seen enough evidence of the auto system reporting incorrect observations, and a case when it reported a Thunderstorm at the station when it was nonexistent. If Government was so confident of this automatic equipment, then why did they have people baby sitting it? Now they are pulling the sitters out and where does that leave air traffic safety?

My blood boils when the Congress decides to take a spring break while the safety and welfare of the Country is hanging in mid air. Cuts here and cuts there but not one of them in the entire Congress has the courage to do what has to be done and go after two sacred cows that are never touched.

One sacred cow is foreign aid, and the other is massive aid to illegal aliens. Rep., Ron Paul, said that foreign aid is unconstitutional. So why are they giving away billions when our country is in more jeopardy than its ever been? One reason is they will be branded a “racist.” Also not one peep about closing any of the 400 plus bases around the planet that are not needed.

This all convinces me that we have no control of Congress or our own Country and destiny.

Robert Colarusso