Alpena filled with amazing people, resources

We know a town, we call it home. We raised three children here, and watched as our friends raised theirs … they all went on to be amazing kids, amazing adults. Our school system the teachers at Sanborn school, ISD, N.E.M.C.M.H. – amazing. The people, always there, in place, and effective, due to most of them just being extraordinary human beings.

We know of angels who disguise themselves as library workers, standing behind the desk … blessing those who come near.

We know it takes a village, sometimes, to raise a child. We have seen it.

We have a treasure chest that is NOAA. Does any city near or far have such a resource? We know very special girl who now works elbow to elbow with some pretty special folks there … We call down a blessing from heaven … this is Amazing Alpena.

Verne and Claire Potrykus