Hospital offer to the nurses all about greed

ARMC is trying to force the Nurses to take a per visit pay compensation in lieu of the hourly wage they now make, as well as an exponential increase in their Health Insurance premium contribution, in the new contract proposals. The Boards offer works out to a 40 percent or more pay decrease or in layman’s terms, Corporate Greed.

First off these experienced Nurses worked hard to get where they are at. Spent thousands of dollars and sacrificed family/personal time to receive their education. Many have already spent years in their field day in and day out caring for patients. They earned a fair wage for what they do.

Many received their degrees/credentials through Alpena Community College, completing their clinicals at ARMC. At this moment there are students completing clinicals at ARMC, and what kind of a message is this sending to those individuals, or to any person considering a career in Nursing. I’ll tell you what the message says loud and clear is “Don’t bother to work for ARMC Home Health as an RN because you are not worth it. Come to work for us and we will treat you like a liar, suggesting that, all of a sudden you’re not working up to your potential so we must cut your pay almost in half. Oh Geez. Sorry that you worked so hard and have a family to support, but that’s your problem.”

Wake up Citizens. I am a member of this community as are all of you reading this. Someday your loved one may need in home care, and would you rather have a nurse come into your home focused and at ease, or one that is prodded and rushed because Corporate isn’t making enough money?

Robert Forbes