Unions helped to build America’s middle class

Right To Work

“Unions have become too powerful” is a popular claim. The key word is “power.” Taking dues money away from unions will diminish their power. The dues money is used to organize, to help members survive a Strike if a Strike is necessary. It gives the unions the power to help elect candidates who will work for issues that will help the working man and woman and their families.

They put the word “Right” in the “Right To Work” Bill to confuse the union members and voters into thinking some of their rights are being taken away. The founders of our great unions did use the dues money to gain “power,” which was good for the union men and women and their families. The unions rose in power over the decades,and the middle class was formed. Before unions there was no middle class, only the very rich and the very poor. Before unions children worked long hours in the factories and sweat shops. Before unions no one got overtime pay after an eight hour day or after a 40 hour week. No one got paid holidays off, or paid vacations to spend with their families.

Still we have the wannabes who have no money but still vote Republican. The Republicans have never helped them, and they continue to vote Republican. We also have apathetic Democrats who stayed home from the polls in the 2010 midterms and are now crying about having to pay taxes on their pensions.

It is understood that our Governor has to work as swiftly as he can to move his agenda through the State Legislature. He only has until 2014.

Teresa Margaret Ewbank