Something needs to be done with football team

First of all, I want to make this crystal clear, it’s not a personal attack on AHS Coach Dubey. Alpena is talking and thinking about this and to some I will be the bad guy for writing.

I’m an alumni and have played a down or two, I haven’t been a coach but I am a fan, but I have stood on the sidelines, on a Friday night with another varsity football team and can tell you that it is awesome. It’s a game of emotions, timing and teamwork and while the coaches spend countless hours with the team and away from their families which is aplaudable; and truly want to teach these young men and occasional girl, the game and life, they are paid a stipend for their services, as small as it may be.

With this coaching staff, nothing is working, change is needed and not just another promotion from within the program.

Our boys have the will and the heart, all they have to be showed is the how. If it’s not the air, food, or water that’s making our boys not win, it’s got to be the coaches. This staff has failed time and time again to get our boys ready for Friday nights, and if the talent is just not there, then a plan B must be in place.

Even Swami picks against the Cats, but does their stats in the press box.

Alpena wants the Wildcats to succeed, just look in the stands.

I’m hoping to light a fire that spreads rapidly till change comes.

So to the Alpena Athletic Director and all varsity football coaches, you need to start getting better at them jobs – or step aside.

You got to know when to fold ’em.

Terrance L. Donakowski

Long Rapids