ARMC nurses deserve to be treated better

As citizens of Alpena, my wife and I are appalled at the way our community hospital nurses are being treated. We are ashamed of ARMC’s proposal to slash nurse’s wages and benefits stripping them of 20 years progress in the work world. These nurses are not just another labor force. They are highly educated professionals who have chosen a noble career of dedicated service to others. Their career paths were not based on earning potential. Certainly there are far more glamorous higher wage careers than nursing and teaching open to young women and men today. There was a time when nursing and teaching were nearly the only options open to women but not anymore. One would hate to think ARMC still holds to the philosophy that women are hand servants meant to cater to the higher-ups. I say women only because for centuries nursing was a female dominated profession. Maybe had Florence Nightingale been born Florian Nightingale we’d be seeing a different level of respect for our nurses from the hospital administration. Something is terribly wrong with the system when those dedicating their lives to the provision of healthcare can not afford to have health insurance coverage for themselves and their families due to the outrageous cost imposed by the hospital by whom they are employed. All over the town we are hearing one resounding voice from the citizens: “We want our homegrown hometown nurses (sons, daughters, wives, mothers, and grandchildren) to stay in this community and not be forced out in order to feed and insure their families due to corporate greed.” Our nurses deserve and have this community’s support. ARMC should be as proud to have them as we the area citizens are.

Roger Sims