Township approves fiscal year budget

ALPENA – The Alpena Township Board of Trustees approved the budget for the 2012-13 fiscal year at its meeting Thursday. The budget adopted the salaries for the officers, along with the meeting rules of conduct and approved to retain the law firm of Gillard, Bauer, Mazrum, Florip, Smigelski & Gulden.

The township awarded DGI Roofing & Building, Inc. with a contract to repair leaks in the roof, reseal drain pans, and caulk and reinstall drain rings to extend the life expectancy of the township building for a total of around $15,310.70.

The estimated cost of this year’s dust control program in the township is around $23,000. This cost is based on previous years’ applications by the Alpena County Road Commission.

Township ambulance will be purchasing a Power Stryker cot to alleviate strain on the staff when lifting patients into the ambulance. The cot is transferable between ambulance vehicles based on the needs of the emergency. The estimated cost of the cot is $14,000.

Alpena Township Fire Department will receive a new two-inch hose at a cost of $900. The purchase of this hose has been budgeted since last year when the need was first recognized by the department.

Possible plans for a controlled burn are in the works for sometime this summer. The burn site must first be rid of any hazardous materials and approved for the exercise. The fire department currently is sorting out the details of this valuable training exercise.

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