Palmer familiar face at Posen

POSEN – Nearly a week after starting as Posen Consolidated Schools’ interim superintendent and principal, John Palmer said he’s happy to be back.

“It’s good to see some of the staff, even some of the kids,” he said. “Even though it was six years ago, I still remember some of their names. That kind of blew them away.”

Palmer was hired as the district’s interim superintendent by the board of education on March 18, the same day Dru Milliron stepped down as superintendent. Along with serving as the interim superintendent for Vanderbilt Area Schools, Palmer will fill Milliron’s position until June 30.

Palmer served as Posen’s interim superintendent for about a year and a half, he said. He stayed on for a little while longer to train Milliron when he started as superintendent around six years ago, then started working for Vanderbilt.

While working for Posen, Palmer said he came to like the community and appreciate the support it has for its district.

“It was a warm feeling when I was over here before,” he said. “It’s a good community, a very together group. They work together, they love their schools, that’s very, very obvious.”

Prior to that, Palmer was superintendent for Cheboygan Area Schools from 1993 until he retired in 2000, he said. During his time there, he was involved with two large projects to build a new middle school and to build and addition for the high school.

Palmer, who lives near Cheboygan, will split his time between Vanderbilt and Posen, spending three days a week at the school district in Otsego County and two days a week in Posen, he said.

“Of course, we’ve got people that are filling in here when I’m not here,” he said. “We’re covered, we’re covered very well. The people that are filling in are very, very capable people that have done it before.”

There are certain time-sensitive tasks that a superintendent must tend to, such as filling out paperwork for the state, Palmer said. He said these issues concern every superintendent, part-time or not.

“Can it be done? It’s not an ideal situation, but sure, it can be done, especially for a short period of time like they’re looking at,” he said.

Ken Wozniak, Posen school board president, said he’s not concerned with Palmer’s arrangement with the district.

“If ever there’s an emergency, he’ll do his best to be here,” he said.

Wozniak expects the school board likely will decide what to do about picking Milliron’s permanent replacement at the end of June.

“That would be my guess at this point, but that’s for the entire board to decide.”

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