Republicans letting lobbyists run the show

Fool me twice, shame on me. This should be the new slogan of the Republican Party. The first time, in 2008, the GOP was bamboozled into thinking Obama could not possibly win and a second time, in 2012; everyone was duped by thinking that because the president had done such a bad job there was no possibility of his reelection. Shame on the Republican.

So what is the problem in the GOP?

Quite simply: Republican have distanced themselves from the American people. With little regard for public opinion the party is being run by a small group of consultants and lobbyist (the establishment) who are more interested in their own processes than they are in doing what is right for the country. Because consultants and lobbyists control the money they are able to select who will run for the highest offices and make policy at every level. This is an industry within the political system. This industry is loaded with multi-million dollar consultants who specialize in controlling even the smallest detail of the process and win-or-lose, they get paid. The primary goal is to point every action in the direction of the money.

Even on the local level there are those who fancy themselves to be king makers by providing services to candidates and causes that are willing to pay them to help find the money. These people are willing to work for any party because the more money they find the more successful they are and the more they get paid.

True Conservatives recognize this entire charade as an injection of a level of politics that has nothing to do with real government.

Why was the GOP fooled twice? Democrats are better at the shady side of the political process than the constantly bickering GOP.

Bob Lamb