Murder is horrible regardless of statistics

After reading Mr.Bray’s tongue and cheek condemnation of Congressman Benishek, I sat back and then looked for some statistics on on this from our FBI. I went to the FBI’s statistics at:

This table shows that the murder rate of people using rifles in 2009 was 348 vs. murders by “Blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.)” was 611. Maybe the Congressman was confused on the issue. I don’t know. I was an MP in the Army and an EMT for a volunteer Fire Department. I have seen murders and they are all horrendous, especially the murder of children as we have all seen lately. I can’t think of anything worse than losing one’s child that way. The problem in our country is not people owning guns, but with criminals and mentally disturbed people owning guns. Maybe Mr. Bray is one of the 10 people in Northeast Michigan who doesn’t own a gun or maybe he believes the guy who said he would cut our deficit in half during his first term.

Ray Fencl