It’s time for union leaders to stand up, lead

The downfall of union leadership in the U.S. is a disgrace to union members.

I was a teamster when Jimmy was alive and it was well known the union was to be respected, now it seems the only thing the unions are interested in is collecting union dues. It’s time the union leaders get their hands out of their pockets and earn the respect of union members. A good example was what happened in Wisconsin. I couldn’t believe they got away with what they did to union members. Now you have Paul Ryan that will stop at nothing to help companies break unions. It all started when Reagan pulled the rug out from under the traffic controllers. I said that opened the door for companies to start breaking the unions. It’s time for union leaders to regroup and get the respect of members back. If they don’t, there won’t be any union dues to collect. Teamsters meant truck drivers and equipment operators period. To belong to the teamsters was a job of respect which was fought for. Teamster members that got those right for you are betrayed by leaders unwilling to fight for those rights members have died to get. I will not turn my back on a union that built this country. I hope there’s enough of the real teamsters left to restart that pride we used to have.

As far as Congress goes, the fastest way to get some work out of them is to give them 60 days to do something, if they don’t start getting jobs going, cut their pay by 20 percent. If they don’t do anything after that, find replacements that want to work for the people. No more vacation or breaks until the problems are fixed, it’s time they work for the people.

Neil Repke