We need to better educate everyone about rape

After the decision made by the Ohio judge in the Steubenville Rape Case, I can’t help but be disgusted by the attitudes of many people about rape. As a teenage girl, I have seen many times the list of “advice” to avoid being put in this situation. Don’t drink too much, don’t dress in skimpy outfits, travel in packs, etc. Not once do you see boys being educated about rape. Giving women the respect they deserve, no really meaning no, or even that when a woman is unconscious it still means no.

Our society seems to be so focused on blaming the victims and telling them they need to avoid being raped, rather than focusing on the real cause – which is not the victims being skimpily dressed. There is still rape in countries where women are clothed from head to toe and where drinking is illegal. This is not something brought on by victims and I think we need to take the step to realizing this.

Taylor Wessel