Bringing history to life, and ‘wax’

ALPENA – All Saints Catholic School fifth-graders put on a live wax museum Friday after school to highlight the lives of 15 Revolutionary War figures. The idea came from fifth grade teacher Elizabeth Stocker, who had heard of other schools holding similar museums.

“We’ve been working on these all month long,” Stocker said. “The students first had to decide who they wanted to be. Then they wrote a research report, gave a speech, and designed their own costumes for their figure.”

Each student chose a figure who piqued their interest from their social studies chapter on the Revolutionary War. They then put together costumes, props, and a display for their wax museum. The “wax” figures only came to life when a ticket was dropped into each box at each display, just like a real wax museum. After a ticket was dropped, the fifth grade actors began to portray highlights of their chosen figure’s life.

“The students had a lot of fun putting this together,” Stocker said.

Each student portrayed a different figure. Taylor Baker chose Henry Knox, Andrew Black chose Ethan Allen, Hannah Burger chose Molly Pitcher, Ethan Holzman chose Thomas Paine, Ben LeFave chose Benjamin Franklin, Isaac LeFave chose Nathaniel Hale, Jacob LeFave chose Paul Revere, Ki’auna Meyer chose Phillis Wheatley, Matthew Milostan chose King George III, Avery Paulsell chose Deborah Sampson and Josh Pokorzynski chose George Washington.

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