Congress continues to put us into a deeper mess

Remember the letter regarding “Congressional malfeasance” I wrote back in November? It’s much truer now than then. The many 17 to 22 party-line votes Thursday on proposed amendments to Ryan’s budget by the House Budget Committee, a prime example. It will be interesting to see what cuts in Defense spending will be added to their final proposed budget, if any.

The “military-industrial complex” is alive and thriving, thanks mostly to those on the right who must believe it’s good for the economy. Because of our country’s financial mess, we are now vastly over-extended militarily and can no longer afford to maintain 735 military bases around the world while supplying and equipping their associated air, land and sea groups. And don’t forget our tens of thousands of civilian contractors. It’s time for cuts and consolidation.

The deaths of thousands of our troops over the past several years and the accidental killing of hundreds of innocent civilians of countries we claim to be helping, must stop. Do you honestly believe it’s been worth it? We are losing the support of our allies and inflaming our enemies. That is most of what we are “accomplishing” as I see it.

The members of Congress must stop bickering and sniping at each other and the President by attending to the important lawmaking entrusted to them.

William Lewis

Presque Isle