Others were involved in church designation

In your article of Feb. 28, 2013, concerning the Leer Church, members Pletcher and Fortin were prominently mentioned. Others who were not were also deeply involved in the work needed to get the church recognized as a historic site.

The original idea came from Connie Statford. Others included Todd Walsh and Robert Christenson, both employees of the State of Michigan, Jutta Olsen and Leta O’Connor. Ms. O’Connor made several trips to Leer over the past two years from her home in Lansing, taking personal leave days from her job to do so. Her interest in the project came from the fact that her grandfather and great-grandparents were members of the church and her great-grandparents are buried in the church cemetery.

The research that led to the interview in Lansing was predominately done by Ms. O’Connor who also attended the Lansing meeting and led the presentation.

Of course, a reporter can only report what he’s been told, but clearly he was not given all of the facts. The failure to mention these people and their contributions is unconscionable.

Sally Okhuysen