No restriction on signs could cause confusion

Read in the Alpena News that the City of Alpena is going to sell the old street signs that are being replaced without any restrictions to the buyer on where they will place them. That could really cause some confusion for the Police, Sheriff’s Dept and the ambulance EMT’s trying to find the location of the problem, depending on where the people install them.

This could cause lots of problems. Lets say someone bought the sign from the corner of Bagley and M-32 and placed it somewhere along M-32 at the mouth of the drive to their hunting camp. Someone from out of town stops there to assist in an accident. They call 911 to report the accident. The dispatcher asks where the accident is and the person reporting the accident states that the accident is on M-32.The dispatcher asks if they can give him/her the name of the nearest crossroad. The person reporting the accident says well there is a sign here at a road off M-32 that states Bagley and M-32.

So the dispatcher at 911 dispatches the police and EMT’s to you guessed it, M-32 and Bagley. However, they can find no accident there!

There are other scenario’s where a person wants to find say Evergreen St in town but they see a Evergreen Street sign when coming in on M-32 or wherever. There could be lots of streets with duplicated names.

Carl D. Leow

Rogers City