Thoughts on the gun laws in our country

A few thoughts about the recent anti-gun hysteria. Thousands of times a day in the U.S., legally owned guns are used to prevent or stop crimes, most of the time with no shots fired. Yet these same legal gun owners are the ones targeted by new anti-gun legislation.

The banning of so-called “assault weapons” is a big issue, even though these misnamed guns account for less than 2 percent of gun murders. FBI statistics now prove the first attempt to ban them ineffective.

Banning “high capacity” magazines ignores the fact criminals ignore laws in general and preventing law-abiding citizens from having them simply gives criminals an edge.

Registration of guns, the goal of anti-gunners, will lead to selective confiscation of guns. This has happened in the UK, Canada, Australia, and other places. This is the ultimate goal of anti-gunners like Feinstein.

“Gun Free” zones have been the site of most mass killings. Perhaps they would better be called “Shoot me, I’m unarmed zones” Are gun free zones really effective?

Most mass shootings and other bizarre violent events, going back to before the Columbine tragedy, involve people on or suffering withdrawal from powerful psych drugs for treatment of depression or other mental illness.

It is insulting that the President’s point man, Joe Biden, is so ignorant of present gun laws that he is giving advice to gun owners – advice that would have them commit felonies if they followed it. We already have over 20,000 gun laws, it would more sense to enforce them, yet federal prosecution of gun crimes has declined dramatically. But instead, by creating more laws that punish only those that follow them, President Obama and his anti-gun cronies are exploiting tragedy to gain political advantage, rather than seeking truly effective measures.

Tom Reynolds