Van Impe is simply preaching the Gospel

Re: Jack Van Impe, March 9, 2013. When I read the letter about Jack Van Impe, I couldn’t help but smile. Why? Around 2,000 years ago another Jack Van Impe came on the scene, only his name was John not Jack. John was also criticized for hate crimes. Oh, by the way, he lost his head.

The religious leaders of the day were very angry just as unbelievers are today with Christians who preach the Gospel. He preached that the Messiah was coming, just as the Jack Van Impes, the Hal Lindseys, and the Grant Jefferies are preaching today. These men are preaching the Gospel to all the world just as Jesus said to do. By the way, only Christians preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is that Jesus came into the world to save the lost by dying on the cross, and physically rising on the third day. Muslims do not believe that.

Yes, we may chose what we want to believe. But Jack Van Impe does not advocate hate. He simply is doing God’s work by trying to tell the world the truth just as John the Baptist did in his day. Many do not want to hear the truth. Keep up the good work John, oh I mean Jack!

Daniel Slama

Rogers City