Property assessments matter a great deal

Board of Review property assessment and taxable value appeals can only be heard during the week of March 11. Please check with your local township or city.

It has been my contention that property assessments are inflated. The recent property value concessions to various businesses in our area show that. Yes, they had high powered legal representation to defend their property value appeals. The state wide tax sale showed the huge difference between assessed value and the tax sale bid price. If you were to look at recent foreclosed sales, it is the same.

The point is that inflated assessments exist in very county. If your property is assessed too high, you must start with step number 1: appeal to your local Board of Review.

Property assessments do matter. If you sell your property with a high assessment value, the new owner’s taxable value is that assessed value. This means the new owner must appeal both assessment and taxable values at the next Board of Review.

We have no political ambitions. We are just frustrated tax payers.

Sandra Richens and Thomas Brown