APlex hosts recreation summit Saturday

ALPENA – There is no shortage of recreational offerings in Northeast Michigan. Choosing which one is right for you or gaining information about the activity is often more challenging than it needs to be however.

On Saturday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. the APlex is hosting a recreation summit that will showcase leaders from many different types of recreation leagues and businesses, which can help people find their nitch in Alpena’s recreation options.

APlex Manager Darlene Wilmot said the last recreation summit took place about five years ago and was well received. She said it is being reinvented this year and will offer a lot of recreation opportunities to those looking for something to do with their spare time.

“It is an opportunity for the public to come in and meet with various vendors in recreations,” Wilmot said. “We get phone calls all of the time from people wanting to know how to get into certain sports and figured having a summit was a good idea. We have opened it up to all of the clubs and organizations tied to youth sports and adult activities and it will be sort of a one-stop shopping for recreation.”

There are many different varieties of recreation activities available for people to enjoy in the Alpena area. Wilmot said there will be vendors promoting indoor and outdoor recreation choices.

“There will be vendors who will be promoting land, water, inside and outside recreation,” Wilmot said. “Right now we have about 20 vendors who should be at the summit. Some are related to the Northern Lights Arena, the APlex and the Plaza Pool, but there are also a lot of vendors who operate outside of them as well.”

The summit will be more than just signing children up for soccer or whatever other activity fits the bill. Wilmot said there will be activities available for kids and adults to take part in while they are visiting.

“There will be things for both young and old to try and that is the whole point to this,” Wilmot said. “We’ll have the batting cages set up in the gym, we’ll have pop-up tennis nets we’ll be putting in and our vendors will bring some additional things as well, so there will be things to do. We are also going to bring the Zamboni over from the rink and people will be able to get their pictures taken on it. I don’t know what it is, but the Zamboni has sort of taken on a life of its own in Alpena and is very popular. This is a good chance to get an up close look at it and get pictures.”

The event is free to the public and no sports equipment is needed to participate in the activities.

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